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Archives for month: October, 2015

New Safety Technology You Can Add To Old Cars

Posted by admin on October 8th, 2015 in Category Auto Parts, Automotive News, Car Repair, Junk Cars, Odd News, Site News, Uncategorized, Wolrd Auto News (no responses)

If you haven’t bought a new car within the past couple years it may be out of touch when it comes to safety technology. Older cars will lack many high-tech safety features, like a rearview camera, that are increasingly found in newer cars.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to be left out of the technological revolution. Audiovox makes a rearview camera that can be added on.

The rearview camera is one of the most popular of a growing list of add-on devices and services that promise to bring modern features to aging jalopies.

“Lane departure and collision warning, pedestrian warnings, high-beam control and traffic sign recognition — all of those can be retrofitted in a customer’s car,” said Elad Serfaty, a vice president at Mobileye, whose technology is built into a variety of vehicles from BMW, Volvo and other carmakers that offer collision detection and prevention.

A warning and monitoring system that can be added to older vehicles, like the Mobileye 660, costs roughly $1,000 including a professional installation, Mr. Serfaty said, but he pointed out that the benefits could outweigh the costs. A Highway Loss Data Institute study of Honda Accords and Crosstours equipped with lane departure and forward collision warnings, for example, found a 14 percent reduction in damage claims compared with models without the systems.

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