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Go green and get cash for your car

Buy a New Car Just To Rent It Out

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Manufacturers have proposed a new concept, which hasn’t been highly accepted yet. Automotive shops now recommend purchasing a new car and renting it out to other people to create another way to invest in property.

News this week that BMW’s Mini will offer buyers of its cars the chance to offset the purchase price by renting out their vehicles surely won’t find any takers. BMW itself has a similar scheme called DriveNow, which board member Peter Schwarzenbauer has said is based on the idea from accommodation sharing web site Airbnb. Ford and GM have also joined in.

Schemes that allow people who don’t own cars to rent by the hour make much sense. This allows the young, who either can’t afford to own a new car, or don’t need one very often, to get wheels for specific jobs. It also allows makers of electric cars which nobody wants to buy, to get them off dealer lots and earn some money.

If it was a scheme that allowed, say, students to rent out their old clunkers to generate enough cash to pay for running costs and then some, it might make some sense. But is there anyone in the history of the world who bought a brand new car – whether it’s a little runabout or an expensive limousine, that would ever let a stranger drive off in it? The fact that they could afford a new car in the first place means the financial incentive just isn’t there.

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Will Audi overtake BMW’s position as the world’s largest premium automaker?

Posted by admin on May 30th, 2015 in Category Automotive News (no responses)

Audi believes that by winning over more customers with their SUVs, they will be able to overtake BMW’s position as the world’s largest premium automaker by 2020. They’re spending 24 billion euros ($26.12 billion) through 2019 in an effort to make it happen.

Audi CEO Rupert Stadler, 52, is particularly bullish about the automaker’s fast-growing SUV lineup. He explained why in an April interview with Automotive News Europe Editor Luca Ciferri at the Shanghai auto show.

Q: Audi will have 60 models or variants by 2020. Which body style will account for the majority of the lineup?

A: Globally, we will respond proactively to the growing number of customers who enjoy SUVs’ higher driving position and their sense of enhanced safety. We already decided to go smaller with the Q1 and to go bigger with the Q8. Regardless of the size of the SUV, we strive to be the most sought-after model in the segment. For example, the transaction price for a Q7 is very similar to our A8 flagship sedan because our SUVs are not utilitarian off-roaders.

Last year Audi showed the SUV-inspired TT Off-road Concept. Is that Audi’s vision for a sporty compact SUV that may be badged as the TTQ?

The feedback for that concept was very positive, but no decision has been made on whether we will build something like that. If such a model will get the green light, to be at the top of its segment it would need to be underpinned by the next generation of the MQB architecture. That means it would not arrive until after 2020.

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Volkswagen’s Technological Breakthrough

Posted by admin on April 8th, 2015 in Category Auto Parts, Auto Shows & Events, Automotive News, Car Fun and Humor, Car Repair (no responses)

This new technology with VW’s Sport Coupe Concept GTE opens unknown opportunities in the field of automotive and biogenetic data.

The car brings auto-human interfaces to a new level in an eye-catching four-door that design chief Klaus Bischoff says shows not only a new model’s design “but also initial glimpses of a new design era.”

Under the sleek new body is an interior that features new interactive interfaces between human and machine—including the use of the driver’s biometric data and a new Active Info Display that has a 3D appearance.

VW is interfacing the car’s electronics directly with the driver based on driver biometric data. The concept determines, via a smart watch or armband for measuring the driver’s vital functions, whether to navigate a route that includes an exciting country road or a gentle route instead.

Biometric data monitoring begins as soon as the driver inputs the destination by voice or on the touchscreen—but only if the driver wants the data to be used as input for the navigation system. In this navigation mode the sole purpose is maximum driving enjoyment.

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Predictions for the 2015 Classic Collection

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These cars will take you to a point where they will one day become classic, but you will be having to much fun to notice.

Hagerty Hot List is what car enthusiasts everywhere looks forward to seeing each year. It doesn’t matter why you love cars or what you do, the cars on this list are made for you, and there is one available for every type of person.

This list does not guarantee that the predictions will come true, that is something you have to wait to see in the 2040’s. But what it can guarantee is that you will enjoy these cars more than the possible monetary value with the amazing variety available throughout the market. There is truly a car for everyone.

Want a taut Italian sports car? Try the Alfa Romeo 4C. Supercar performance straight out of Detroit (er, Bowling Green)?Corvette Z06. The perfect balance of practicality and hot-hatch fun? VW Golf R.

None of these are economy-car-cheap, but they all sticker at well below $100,000 (what you do with the options catalog is up to you). Park any one of these 10 cars in your garage, and we think you’ll be a happy customer.

And if it’s worth something in a quarter-century? Consider that a bonus. 

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Trendy car features to pass on

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Cars are expensive regardless of which features they come equipped with. While some features are necessary and absolutely required like windshield wipers or side-view mirrors, there are plenty of add-on features you could probably pass on and save yourself a little (or in some cases) a lot of money.


What is it:

Self-parking is when a vehicle autonomously maneuvers from a traffic lane into a parking spot to perform perpendicular, angle or parallel parking. Self-parking systems are designed to enhance the parking experience while making drivers feel safer in constrained environments where attention is everything.

Why it’s not useful (yet):

We are all for cars doing things so we don’t have to. But current automatic systems are essentially useless unless you’re trying to park in a very large parking spot. Currently the average driver would be able to park any of the cars with self-parking systems better than their vehicle can, though that could change in the future.

What vehicles feature it:

Auto self-parking was introduced in the U.S. on the 2007 Lexus LS Sedan. Now auto-parking is mainly found on luxury vehicles like the Toyota Prius V option and the Ford Focus Titanium.

Bosch has plans to release a fully automated parking system later this year. We’ll see how that goes.

2.Adaptive Cruise Control

What is it:

Installed behind the grille of a car, adaptive cruise control uses forward-looking radar to find the speed and distance of a vehicle ahead. Like cruise control, ACC maintains the vehicle’s pre-set speed but the system is designed to adjust speed in order to maintain a proper distance away from vehicles driving in the same lane.

Why it’s not useful (yet):

Adaptive cruise control is really only useful in stop-and-go traffic like rush hour commutes that can go from 60 mph to a standstill. If this isn’t something you deal with on a daily bases, or mind, you don’t really need it yet. ACC is being enhanced to include collision warning capabilities that will alert drivers through visual or audio signals that a collision is about to take place and braking or steering is needed.

Also, to get full-range adaptive cruise control, expect to pay on average $2,000 to $2,500 extra.

What vehicles feature it:

Some vehicles to feature ACC include the 2014 Acura RLX, 2014 Chevy Impala and 2015 Chrysler 200c.

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Top Commuter Cars of 2015

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Just as a saw is a tool for a carpenter, a car is a tool for a commuter. You need the best tool for the job. When it comes to a saw, you’d consider sharpness, efficiency, reliability, cost and ergonomics. When it comes to a commuter car, you’d be wise to consider price, comfort, reliability and fuel economy.

At this moment, gas prices are falling. The average price at the pump has dipped below $2.00 per gallon in some parts of the country. The mountain range graph of retail fuel prices in the United States over the last decade featured a steep incline from $1.03 per gallon on December 17, 2001to a peak of $4.10 per gallon on July16, 2008, then fell off a cliff to bottom out at $1.59 per gallon on December 29, 2008, according to data gathered by GasBuddy.com, a provider of retail fuel pricing information and data. Patrick DeHaan, a Senior Petroleum Analyst at GasBuddy.com, noted that “consumers are already buying vehicles with lower fuel economy.” He stated that average fuel efficiency for new cars bought in December 2014 was 25.1 mpg, down from 25.8 mpg in August 2014. A similar phenomenon occurred during the last price decline, though the recession muted car buying in general. The GasBuddy Fuel Price Outlook 2015 predicts that the national average will be $2.642 per gallon over 2015, with a peak average of $3.00 and a low average of $2.36 per gallon during the year. “2015 should present a much more temperate gasoline price background than 2012, 2013 and 2014,” according to the report. Still, consumers should avoid complacency. “Avoid making a long-term commitment to a gas-guzzler,” advises DeHaan. “Consider the long-term volatility of unpredictable gas prices.”

To help you avoid complacency, we have put together a list of The Best Cars For Commuters 2015. Our selection is drawn from the Consumer Reports list of Recommended Cars. To be recommended, cars must deliver high scores in the Consumer Union’s “more than 50 tests, have average or better predicted reliability; and perform adequately if included in a government or insurance industry crash test.” Cars are rated on a scale of 1 – 100, with higher scores being best. Next, we examined gas mileage, as reported on the official source for fuel economy, fueleconomy.gov. Better fuel economy equates to bigger savings for commuters. Then we considered fuel capacity and range. Great efficiency without adequate range means more stops to refuel (or recharge) and lost time. We did not factor in purchase price into our selection. The base price range of vehicles this year was from $21,345 all the way to $89,650, with drivetrains ranging from conventional gasoline to hybrid gasoline/electric to pure electric.

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Drivers Addicted to Texting While Driving

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Even though it’s dangerous, many American drivers continue to use their smartphones while behind the wheel.

Compulsion — even addiction — are appropriate terms for the nearly irresistible urge to respond to a text message, even while driving, an expert said.

“We compulsively check our phones because every time we get an update through text, email or social media, we experience an elevation of dopamine, which is a neurochemical in the brain that makes us feel happy,” said David Greenfield, an expert on “technology addiction.”

Besides the danger of texting while driving, could you benefit from going on a “digital diet?” Here’s a link to a test on Greenfield’s Center for Internet and Technology Addiction web site.

The site says more than three or four “yes” answers out of 12 questions indicate “digital distraction.” (I scored 10 out of 12. Honestly, it probably should have been 11 out of 12.)

Earlier this month, AT&T released a study Greenfield conducted earlier this year. Not for nothing, AT&T is using the study to promote its new DriveMode app, and a public-service campaign called ItCanWait. DriveMode turns on automatically when the phone moves faster than 15 mph, and turns off again after stopping.

The app silences incoming text message alerts, and automatically responds to incoming text messages, so the sender knows the text recipient is driving.

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Automakers Report Strongest U.S. October Sales in a Decade

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Auto sales continue to go strong in the U.S. with Automakers reporting their strongest U.S. October sales in a decade.

The results, often an early snapshot of U.S. consumer spending, continued the strong run for a sector that has outraced the broader economy since 2010.

“The U.S. economy has steadily improved all year and now we are poised for a stronger expansion backed by an improved job market, higher consumer confidence and lower fuel prices,” said Kurt McNeil, GM’s U.S. sales chief.

U.S. October auto sales increased 6.1 percent to 1.28 million vehicles, slightly higher than analysts’ expectations, according to Autodata Corp.

On a seasonally adjusted annualized basis, sales for the month were 16.46 million vehicles, which was near the 16.49 million vehicles forecast by a Thomson Reuters poll of economists.

The last time October sales were this high was in 2004 when the rate was 17.1 million vehicles on an annualized basis, according to Autodata and government statistics.

Topping analysts’ consensus were Ford Motor Co, Chrysler Group and Nissan Motor Co Ltd. In addition to GM, Honda Motor Co Ltd also missed estimates, while Toyota Motor Corp met expectations.

Declining gasoline prices helped boost demand for SUVs and crossovers. Ford said utility vehicles and trucks accounted for 72 percent of its sales, up from 68.5 percent a year ago.

Fred Diaz, U.S. chief for the Nissan brand, said a confluence of factors including pent-up demand, lower gasoline prices and improving consumer confidence will mean strong sales through December. Consumer sentiment is at its highest level since 2007.

Chrysler Group’s U.S. October sales rose 22 percent to 170,480 vehicles on strong pickup truck and Jeep SUV demand. Chrysler is a unit of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Ford sales fell 2 percent to 188,654 vehicles, but the decline was expected because it has lowered production of the F-150 pickup in recent months during the transition to a redesigned aluminum-bodied model that goes on sale later this year.

GM sales inched up 0.2 percent to 226,819 vehicles, and the company said it is taking steps to boost profit at the cost of total sales by lowering fleet sales of large SUVs. Analysts also pointed to GM’s record-high average selling prices for its vehicles.

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American Car Buyers Offset Automakers’ Troubles Abroad

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American consumers are buying new vehicles at a strong pace, which is offsetting the troubles that automakers are having outside of North America and leading to big profits for the biggest U.S. automaker.

Overall U.S. sales rose 9% last month compared with the same period in 2013 to a nearly decade high. Demand for highly profitable sport-utility vehicles, once scorned as Detroit’s gas guzzling cash cows, continues to rise amid low fuel prices and more efficient designs.

SUVs and pickups were largely behind last month’s strong gains at General Motors Co. GM -2.42% Fiat SpA’s Chrysler, Nissan Motor Co. 7201.TO +0.37% and Honda Motor Co. 7267.TO +0.38% Only Ford Motor Co. F -2.54% , which confronts a change in its truck line, went in reverse during September.

Feeding that appetite for new cars will be key to building and repairing overseas units. So far, the outlook is sound. “A lot of analysts have been beating the drum for the past couple months [saying] that this will soon end,” said Fred Diaz, Nissan’s U.S. sales chief. “I don’t see it.”

U.S. buyers’ role in financing the future at GM and Ford were clear despite the contrasting visions laid out this week by the chief executives at the two biggest U.S. car makers. GM CEO Mary Barra pledged to get near 10% operating margins in North America and to halt losses in Europe by 2016.

Her crosstown rival, Ford CEO Mark Fields, is projecting long-range margins just shy of GM’s and using North American profits to finance a global market share push that seeks to tap Asia’s emerging markets and revive its faded luxury brand.

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Used Cars Expected to Become More Affordable

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Many consumers are opting to buy used cars versus new ones. For those who are strapped for cash or need to add an additional vehicle to their family fleet, buying used is a decision made out of necessity due to the hefty price tags on many new cars today.

The average transaction price for a new car hit $31,252 last month according to TrueCar.com, which leaves a large number of U.S. households priced out of the new-vehicle market. A prudent, median-income household is able to afford only 54.8 percent of the average new-car cost, according to the latest Auto Buyer’s Affordability Index compiled by Requisite Press.

Not surprisingly, CNW Market Research predicts 41,250,000 used vehicles will change hands this year; that’s up slightly from 2013 but is still down from its most recent high point of 44,138,263 units in pre-recession 2005.

The good news here is that used-cars are expected to become progressively more affordable as a growing number of consumers trade in their current models for shiny new rides. Prices are predicted to fall to their lowest levels in nearly six years after an unprecedented period of inflated market values following the 2008 economic collapse and subsequent inventory shortage. By 2017, the valuation experts at ALG forecast the average new vehicle will retain 49.4 percent of its value after three years, compared to the 54.6 percent retention recorded for pre-owned models through mid-year 2014.

In the meantime, used car shoppers can find some solid – and in some cases unexpected – deals on some of the top-rated used vehicles that can be expected to deliver many years of faithful service.

To that end the folks at the used-car shopping site iSeeCars.com compiled a list of 10 used vehicles from the 2008-2012 model years that are not only expected to have among the longest life expectancy  – 200,000 miles or more when properly maintained (based on an earlier study) – but were found selling for around 10 percent below their average market value.

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